Sunday, May 27, 2012


2 years ago, I weighed 162 pounds.  Today I weigh 126.

I didn’t lose the weight by hating myself down to a size 4.  Not through dieting, not through crazy amounts of exercise, not through calorie counting, or purging.

I lost 35 pounds by learning to love and take care of my body.  I realized that part of loving myself is giving my body what it needs.  I changed my diet to include mostly plants, I cut out soda and fought hard against my addiction to sugary/fatty foods.  I began to see food as fuel and to use it as such.  I also made sure my body was in motion for at least 1 hour everyday, and these days I am even working on becoming physically stronger.  I knew that my old eating/exercise habits would not suit me as I began to age.  I knew that I wasn’t treating my body well.

When I truly began to love it, it took a new shape.  I loved my old shape.  I love my new shape.  I love it all because I love me! x)

*Edit:  After learning that this post is somehow controversial, I have a few notes to make:

(1) This post is not to say/imply that my journey is the best or right for anyone else but me.  There is no should anywhere in the post.  My way to self love is just that: mine.  Weight loss is never required for self love, it was simply an unanticipated outcome of mine.  I advocate healthy thinking about bodies and health, I advocate self care and endless self love at every size and condition.  I do not advocate shaming peoples’ bodies, aversion to fat, nor the apparent aversion to talking about healthiness & body journeys in an open and honest way. 
(2) I tagged this thinspo because I like to inject different perspectives into the tag stream.  I can see why that might be inflammatory though, so I removed it!
(3) I apologize for being rude to people who were upset with this post.  This is touchy for me too, and people seem to think that because they find me “conventionally attractive” or think that I’m “popular on the internet” that I’m exempt from human feelings and reactions.  I’m not.  Thanks peeps. xx

Reblogging to preserve this for posterity, since the other follow up post was deleted.

Okay, also reblogging so I can say some shit. 

"Weight loss is never required for self love, it was simply an unanticipated outcome of mine."

If this is true, it is in no way apparent from the post. The first 4 sentences of the post are about weight loss, plus there are 5 photographs documenting your weight loss. So even if weight loss was an “unanticipated outcome” of your self love journey, you’re still making it more important than the other effects of your lifestyle changes. And you’re still reinforcing the dangerous correlation between weight loss and self love.

Also, “I apologize for being rude” is not an apology. It’s saying that even though you might be sorry for the way you said something, you’re not sorry for what you actually said. Honestly, I’m not even asking you to apologize necessarily. I’m asking you to address the criticisms you’ve received and be accountable for your words.

Of course, our experiences are our own, and I’m not saying you should feel bad for losing weight or for loving your new body. But the way we talk about our experiences and our stories is informed by our culture, which happens to be a deeply fat-shaming and body negative one. You need to acknowledge the ways that your words, intentionally or not, may be a reflection of some of the existing harmful narratives surrounding weight loss.


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